The Healthy Dentist Summit

A $7808 Value for $4450

Advanced Cardio-Risk Blood & Genetic Testing
Including such advanced tests as
  1. ApoA-l, ApoB, and sdLDL,
  2. Inflammation panel including LpPLa2,
  3. Lipid panel, Vitamin D
  4. A genetic variation of LDL called Lp(a) known as the "mass murderer" that can easily be remedied with a supplement.
  5. The OralDNA test which can identify harmful bacteria in the mouth that can increase cardiovascular risk.
  6. Omega-3 Status. Most Americans don’t get enough of this important nutrient. Do you take an Omega 3 supplement? Do you know if it’s having the desired effect? You’ll learn your Omega 3 status and if you need more.
  7. PLUS, the Apo E Genetic test which helps determine which diet and supplements work best based on your genetic makeup.

And more!


One-On-One Results Review And Education

One of the most valuable aspects of The Healthy Dentist Summit is the personalized attention you’ll receive. You’ll have plenty of time to ask questions and interact with the experts as they review your results.

With over 2½ days of in-depth interaction, you can now be proactive in improving and maintaining your health.


Carotid Intima Media Thickness Test (CIMT)

The best technology available for detecting early cardiovascular disease.

By the way, this isn't the neck scan that is often offered through health screenings. This new approach looks at the condition of your artery walls where disease often starts years before it can be detected with traditional tests.

Not yet widely available, if you can find the test, the national average is $625. (If you've already had the CIMT at one of David’s seminars, your fee paid will be deducted from the total.)


Spectracell Nutritional Status Test

Using technology called Lymphocyte Proliferation Assay, the Spectracell protocol measures nutrient function inside white blood cells. This approach to micronutrient testing is far superior to most current traditional lab measurements of serum nutrient levels. Just as the A1C test has become accepted as a better measure of blood sugar levels compared to traditional fasting glucose, so is looking at nutritional status within the cell itself superior to blood levels of most nutrients.

Your personal results will be categorized into "Adequate," "Borderline," or "Deficient" levels and recommendations given on how those measurements can be improved. The Spectracell patented protocol for measuring your actual nutritional status is decades ahead of what is available through most health care providers.


Cutting Edge Presentations By National Experts

Featuring David Meinz, Ford Brewer, Janice Derrickson, Doug Thompson, Carrie Simon, and more.

A unique opportunity to learn from these national health experts. Only at The Healthy Dentist Summit will you gain the advanced knowledge shared by this respected faculty. Honored in each of their fields, the combination of their expertise creates an environment that will allow you to truly be in control of your health destiny.

Plus, you’ll earn 10 hours of dental continuing education credits through the Academy of General Dentistry. And, of course, it’s tax deductible.


David Meinz’s Complete Learning Library


Plus, All Meals Friday, Saturday, And Sunday

Past attendees consistently say this was one of their most pleasant surprises at The Healthy Dentist Summit—good for you food that tastes GREAT! Our chef will show you that healthy food can be simple and delicious. You’ll leave with a new appreciation of the importance of what you eat AND healthy recipes too.


Your Investment For The Healthy Dentist Summit is $4450
(Valued at $7808)
March 22 - 24, 2019
For The 2019 Healthy Dentist Summit in Orlando, FL
March 22 - 24, 2019
Hampton Inn and Suites
Orlando Gateway/Orlando Airport
5460 Gateway Village Circle, Orlando, FL 32812 • 407-857-2830

"Integrating wellness can actually double your hygiene production."

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"I really benefited from attending the The Healthy Dentist Summit this past weekend. I thought that I already knew much of what would be discussed but was happily surprised that I learned much more than I expected. Learning more about the inflammation that is present in our bodies and how it relates to our cardiovascular health was eye-opening. I also now understand the importance of insulin resistance, and how widespread that problem really is. And providing each of us with a CIMT test has given me a much better idea of the real condition of my artery health. Lastly, I really enjoyed the meals and learning how good plant-based foods can taste. It was an incredibly informative weekend and well worth the time and investment."
—Gary Cornforth, DDS, The Villages, Florida

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